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Blog Posts in 2011

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Drunk Driving Case Stirs Reaction from Family

A case in Chicago, Illinois has the local community up in arms about the death of a young woman. People are now blaming the police department for her death. Three months ago police arrested the ...
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Police Track Down Murderer After One Year

It took Chicago police over one year to pin charges onto the man thought to have murdered another man in the city. The 24-year-old suspect now faces multiple charges that could land him decades behind ...
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Serial Robber Arrested in Iowa

Police in Iowa caught a man that was wanted on multiple charges in Illinois last week. While it is uncertain why police first became interested in the 32-year-old Chicago man, it is known that he was ...
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Murder Suspect Detained

Police finally caught up with the man believed to be responsible for shooting and killing a 48-year-old woman. Last week the man, a housekeeping employee at a hospital in Chicago, Illinois, entered ...
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Priest Arrested for Sex Crimes

Some criminals are apprehended immediately. For others, it takes years for the justice system to catch up with them. Such is the case for a 67-year-old man arrested last week in Chicago, Illinois on ...
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New York Concerned with Marijuana

Even though New York City is constantly battling threats of terrorism and other serious crimes, state officials are still concerned with marijuana. According to recent statistics, the business of ...
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Young Man Suspected of Killing His Grandfather

News sources report that a young man thought he could avoid arrest by escaping to the Midwest. Last week a young man from Cape Coral, Florida became the number one suspect in the disappearance of his ...
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Girl Escapes Kidnapper

A 17-year-old girl was standing at a West Side bus stop Monday morning when a man inside a purple van allegedly abducted her and later held her inside a garage, law enforcement said. The van ...
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Police Capture Bank Robber

Although it took several weeks to gather enough evidence to bring him in, a man now faces multiple charges associated with the robbery of a bank in October. News sources report that the Federal Bureau ...
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A Chicago Man beat an Elderly Nurse to Death

A Chicago man on parole for an attempted murder conviction beat an elderly nurse to death in her Bridgeport garage, stole her wedding and engagement rings and used them to propose to his girlfriend, ...
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Cab Driver Wanting to Hire Hit Man

A Chicago cab driver tried to hire a hit man to kill someone who owed him money. He wanted the 38-year-old target dead because he still owed $26,000 that he had paid to bail the victim out of jail on ...
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Zien Resident charged shooting Ex-Roommate

A 24 year old woman was charged with shooting an ex-roommate in Zion after an argument broke out between them over a previous theft at their home, officers said today. The shooting happened Sunday at ...
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Cupcake Attack Leads to Domestic Violence Arrest

What has officers laughing in Chicago is actually a serious crime. One woman was arrested last week in the South Side for physically assaulting her husband. In addition to throwing punches and ...
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Drug Crime Suspect Dies from Swallowing Narcotics

One man thought he could escape charges of possession by swallowing drugs during his arrest. This did not work well for him, as he choked on the drugs and died. According to the medical examiner on ...
Continue reading "Drug Crime Suspect Dies from Swallowing Narcotics" »

Chicago Physician Arrested for Trading Prescription Drugs for Sex

A Chicago physician who offered to trade prescription drugs on Craigslist was charged with handing out Xanax, Oxycontin drugs in exchange for sex, law enforcement said today. Pediatric neurologist was ...
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Man Questioned after Mother and her Child Stabbed to Death

Law enforcement were questioning a person of interest after a woman and a girl were found stabbed to death at a Skokie home this afternoon, officers said. Skokie officers and firefighters were ...
Continue reading "Man Questioned after Mother and her Child Stabbed to Death" »

Murder Charges against a Bridgeview Man

Chicago law enforcement says a dispute early Sunday in a Bridgeport street ended when one man stabbed another, killing him. An 18yr old man has been charged with first-degree murder and was set to ...
Continue reading "Murder Charges against a Bridgeview Man" »

Nurse Assistant Charged with Sexual Assault

A certified nurse's assistant has been charged with sexually assaulting a disabled elderly woman at a Crystal Lake nursing home. The 22 year old man of Woodstock, was charged with felony criminal ...
Continue reading "Nurse Assistant Charged with Sexual Assault" »

When Does Probation Violation Occur?

Probation is a way of serving out the remainder of your jail sentence from home. While probation has a number of perks over being in jail, it is still considered part of your criminal sentence and ...
Continue reading "When Does Probation Violation Occur?" »

Man Charged in Bank Robbery and is Suspect in Others

A Carol Stream man was charged today with bank robbery in connection with a holdup that occurred in that community earlier this month, officers said. He was arrested Thursday by Carol Stream police, ...
Continue reading "Man Charged in Bank Robbery and is Suspect in Others" »

Woman Convicted of Murder Charges

Cook County jury today convicted a 25 year old woman of first degree murder in the 2009 slaying of a well-known candy shop owner in the Humboldt Park neighborhood after he had evicted her from an ...
Continue reading "Woman Convicted of Murder Charges" »

Car Crash Sends 8 People to Area Hospitals

A 23 year old woman of Riverdale, received citations for two counts of DUI, as well as driving on a suspended license, driving without insurance, damage to public property, and failure to reduce speed ...
Continue reading "Car Crash Sends 8 People to Area Hospitals" »

Routine Traffic Stop Results in Warrant Arrest

Two men wanted on outstanding warrants, including one for murder, were arrested after officers stopped a car they were traveling in for a routine traffic stop. The traffic stop happened on Oct. 15 ...
Continue reading "Routine Traffic Stop Results in Warrant Arrest" »

Area Man Arrested for the 65th Time

Although he is less than 30 years old, an Illinois man has already been arrested 65 times. Police records show that the 27-year-old was arrested for the 65 th time this week for the alleged assault of ...
Continue reading "Area Man Arrested for the 65th Time" »

2 M Bail for Killing Daughter of 3 Months

A Northwest Side man admitted to law enforcement that he shook his 3 month old daughter fatally injuring her, after he bumped her head against a wall twice and she would not stop crying, officers said ...
Continue reading "2 M Bail for Killing Daughter of 3 Months" »
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