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Blog Posts in March, 2011

Man Found Bloodied, Half-Naked in Chicago

A man was arrested and charged in a recent attack on a victim in Chicago who was found bloodied and beaten while walking down the street. The victim was found wandering half-naked by another person ...
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Police Arrest Drunk, Passed Out Woman

A woman was arrested Monday night after police found her passed out in the middle of an intersection in Naperville with an unleashed pit bull standing nearby. Kelly Johnson, 45, was arrested and ...
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People v. M.G. NOT GUILTY - THEFT The Defendant was charged with Theft in that she allegedly stole a Chicago Police Department ticket book. The Defendant did steal this item. However, the reason why ...
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NOT GUILTY - Domestic Battey

People vs. J.B. NOT GUILTY Domestic Battery The Defendant was charged with Domestic Battery, a Class A Misdemeanor in the State of Illinois. It was alleged that the Defendant beat her children with a ...
Continue reading "NOT GUILTY - Domestic Battey" »

Judge Rules Iraq Protesters Can Sue Chicago

Just a few days before the anniversary of the initial invasion of Iraq in 2003, according to the Huffington Post, a judge ruled that a group of protesters would be allowed to file a lawsuit against ...
Continue reading "Judge Rules Iraq Protesters Can Sue Chicago" »

Arrest Made for Stabbing and Beheading Murder Case

In Canada a man was arrested after he repeatedly stabbed a young man on a Greyhound Bus in the seat next to him. Vince Weiguang Li, 40, was arrested after he suddenly and violently attacked and killed ...
Continue reading "Arrest Made for Stabbing and Beheading Murder Case" »

Man Arrested in Connection with Murder

A man was arrested March 9th in connection with a murder in Lamar County in mid-July. On July 14th Omora Harvey Gibson was accused and sought for a shooting that caused one man to be seriously injured ...
Continue reading "Man Arrested in Connection with Murder" »

6 Arrested in 5 Days for DUI in Highland Park

In the past week alone 6 people have been arrested and charged with DUI in Highland Park, just north of the city of Chicago. 6 individuals in the past week have been stopped and arrested in the past ...
Continue reading "6 Arrested in 5 Days for DUI in Highland Park" »

Customs Officers Seize Nearly 150 lbs of Marijuana

On Thursday, March 3rd, U.S. Customs and Border protection seized nearly 150 pounds of marijuana as well as arresting one man from Chicago in connection with the seizure. Customs officials on the ...
Continue reading "Customs Officers Seize Nearly 150 lbs of Marijuana" »

Chicago Detective Sues Own Department, Wins

A Chicago police detective was awarded $200,000 in damages Thursday after suing his own department for violation of his civil rights and false arrest. Tactical officers arrested Vincent Humphrey ...
Continue reading "Chicago Detective Sues Own Department, Wins" »

Customs Seizes $125,000 at Chicago Airport

At Chicago O'Hare International Airport on March 1, U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers discovered and seized more than $125,000 in U.S. currency. CBP officers selected several passengers ...
Continue reading "Customs Seizes $125,000 at Chicago Airport" »
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