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Blog Posts in January, 2012

Officers Arrest Two for Sale of Synthetic Marijuana

Now that synthetic marijuana is illegal in the state of Illinois, the sale of it is also a crime. Two men learned that the hard way when they were arrested for possessing over $1 million worth of fake ...
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Teens Used Tag Removal Device to Shoplift

In the state of Illinois, news sources report that two teenagers stole hundreds of dollars worth of clothes from a local retailer. However, they did not make it past the parking lot before store ...
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Numerous Fights Ensue at Football Game

Two long-time football rivals played each other last Sunday in Wisconsin. Tensions were so high that when the game finally ended, twenty people had been arrested for causing fights. The game between ...
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Father Arrested for Abuse after Posting Pictures of Daughter Online

A community is outraged over the horrible actions of a father against his baby girl. The man was arrested last week on multiple charges of violent crimes. It is unknown why exactly the 21-year-old ...
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