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Defense Against Probation Violations

When an individual is granted probation in lieu of jail or prison time, or after serving a portion of his or her original sentence, there will be specific requirements demanded of the convicted individual. The probation terms could include scheduled court appearances, mandatory drug or alcohol treatment programs, random drug testing, community service, restraining orders, electronic monitoring, behavioral treatment classes and attending regular meetings with probation officers. Any violations of the terms of probation will lead to an individual having his or her probation revoked, and having a bench warrant issued allowing for an immediate arrest. The individual may be required to complete the remainder of the sentence in jail or prison, with added time for the violation in many cases.

Not all probation violations are intentional. Some are inadvertent errors that could very easily lead to you losing your right to remain free and out on probation. To greatly improve your chances of avoiding the penalties for alleged probation violations, we strongly recommend you contact our firm and schedule to meet with Attorney Michael Schmiege as soon as possible.

Our firm has a great depth of knowledge and understanding about how to take action in a probation violation. We have a reputation for successfully defending clients at their violation of probation hearings. When you engage the services of an attorney from our firm you can trust us to take any and all actions to help you to seek to avoid additional jail or prison time. Our defense will show the court why you should be allowed to complete the original terms of your probation.

If you have been accused of violating the terms of your probation it is in your best interest to retain counsel from a skilled Chicago criminal defense attorney at our firm at once. Your freedom could depend on it. To schedule a free consultation to discuss your case, contact us today.

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