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Downers Grove Man Charged with Felony Arson

During the late night hours of July 2nd, 2013 a Downers Grove park pavilion and washroom was set on fire causing damage estimated at approximately $20,000. After conducting a careful investigation into the matter, Downers Grove police stated they were able to positively identify the arson suspect. Later that same day 19-year-old Kyle McCreedy turned himself in and was charged with one count of felony arson. He was then released after posting 10% of his bond. McCreedy is currently scheduled to appear back in court on October 14th.

Arson is the crime of using fire or explosives to damage another person's real property or personal property worth more than $150 and without his or her consent. Arson can also be committed for the purpose of intentionally defrauding an insurer. In the state of Illinois the criminal offense of arson is charged as a Class 2 felony and carries up to a 7-year prison sentence upon conviction. If the arson is a residential arson or an act of arson upon a place of worship arson the alleged perpetrator will be facing Class 1 felony charges, which could mean up to 10 years in prison if convicted. Additional charges and penalties, including up to 30 years in prison, will be applied upon conviction if the arson resulted in serious bodily harm to another.

If you or a loved one has been arrested and charged with arson it is extremely important that you retain defense counsel from a skilled Chicago criminal lawyer immediately. For years our firm has focused on helping those who are caught in the justice system and facing criminal allegations. We are aggressive in our actions and we work hard to see that our clients' rights are fully protected. We stand ready to assist you with your legal needs and to develop a defense strategy geared to preserve your freedom and achieve a positive outcome at trial. Contact Attorney Michael Schmiege and schedule an appointment to have your case reviewed today.

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