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Blog Posts in 2017

SCOTUS Nominee Neil Gorsuch and the Fourth Amendment

The New York times recently recounted a 2013 case, in which a Kansas man pled guilty to possessing and sending child pornography. The plea came after failed attempts to suppress the ...
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The Uncertain Future of Chicago Policing

The Christmas holiday left 53 people shot and 11 dead, to round out one of the deadliest years on record in the Windy City. All told, 4,300 people were shot and 770 murdered in Chicago during 2016, up ...
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The Cop in Your Pocket

The Cop in Your Pocket It’s 2017, and more devices than ever are connected to the internet. And beyond that, many these devices also have the capacity to collect personal information, spoken ...
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New Report Concludes Chicago Police Need Reform

Chicago’s police department has been under scrutiny for years. Allegations of corruption, use of excessive force, and other abuses have plagued the CPD. And a new report by the Justice ...
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Should the Miranda warning apply to your smartphone?

It’s usually the climax of the Law and Order episode—the suspect is being taken into custody while the protagonist detective reads them their rights. Most of us can recite it by heart: ...
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Trump Inherits Hundreds of Judicial Appointments

The peaceful transition of power is a point of pride in American political history. Rather than a series of militarist leaders vying for control, one ousting another from power with the force of a ...
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