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Recent Posts in Burglary Category

Claiming Self-Defense in an Illinois Murder Charge

Often, two people become engaged in a verbal altercation which quickly turns physical. When one of the people die, the other person can face manslaughter or murder charges. This can even happen when ...
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Men Arrested for Raiding Illinois Mink Farm

A few weeks ago, two men were taken into police custody after they were accused of sneaking onto an Illinois mink farm to free 2,000 animals, reports the L.A. Times. Federal prosecutors are filing the ...
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Vehicles Intentionally Submerged in Illinois Pond

Every crime is unique, and every once and awhile an odd and obscure one like this comes along. At the moment, Illinois police are on the lookout for criminals that may have stolen several cars and hid ...
Continue reading "Vehicles Intentionally Submerged in Illinois Pond" »

Man Charged in Bank Robbery and is Suspect in Others

A Carol Stream man was charged today with bank robbery in connection with a holdup that occurred in that community earlier this month, officers said. He was arrested Thursday by Carol Stream police, ...
Continue reading "Man Charged in Bank Robbery and is Suspect in Others" »

3 Men Wanted for Armed Robbery

Police are looking for two or three men accused of robbing people while armed with a gun on the Near South Side. The individuals are wanted for at least three armed robberies that have accured this ...
Continue reading "3 Men Wanted for Armed Robbery" »

Burglar's Silly Move Leads to His Capture

Thanks to determined citizens, as well as a criminal's ignorance, one man was captured for burglary last week in Riverside, Illinois. News sources claim that several items were stolen last month ...
Continue reading "Burglar's Silly Move Leads to His Capture" »

Burglars Arrested after Possible Theft Spree

Two men were arrested in Chicago by River Forest police following a burglary in which a witness account led to their arrest. The two men were spotted by a neighbor of the homeowner whose house was ...
Continue reading "Burglars Arrested after Possible Theft Spree" »

51 Year Old Arrested on Suspicion of Stealing $600,000

Harold Guzman, a 51 year old Berwyn resident, has been charged with grand theft totaling $600,000. The Oak Park Police Department, Berwyn Police Department, U.S. Marshals, the Drug Enforcement ...
Continue reading "51 Year Old Arrested on Suspicion of Stealing $600,000" »

More Than 150 Bras Stolen from Victoria's Secret

The local Victoria's Secret at Northbrook Court was burglarized last week. 153 bras were stolen from the store on December 20th. The theft occurred during normal business hours, from 7:00 p.m. to ...
Continue reading "More Than 150 Bras Stolen from Victoria's Secret" »

16 Year Old Sentenced to 20 Years in Prison

Kawanis Trotter, who is now 16, has been sentenced to 20 years in prison for a crime that he committed when he was 14. He was charged with felony murder, felony armed robbery and armed burglary. Two ...
Continue reading "16 Year Old Sentenced to 20 Years in Prison" »
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