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Chicago DUI Lawyer

About Multiple DUI Charges

Dealing with any DUI charge is a serious matter; fear of losing your vehicle and your freedom is a real concern if you have already been convicted of a DUI offense. Illinois has extremely severe penalties for those that are "repeat offenders" and in a second DUI conviction within a period of 5 years your driver's license will likely be suspended for a period of one year. There is no possibility for getting a restricted license - you will be using public transportation, friends or family to get around. You will be paying fines and other costs above $2,500 and will be doing community service for 240 hours as well as losing your driver's license for a period of 5 years. It is crucial that you get immediate legal representation from a Chicago criminal defense lawyer in such cases.

Never face a DUI charge without an experienced DUI attorney supporting you through the process; the likelihood of a better outcome is increased when you enlist the assistance of a DUI defense lawyer from the Law Offices of Michael P. Schmiege. The legal team will fully review the evidence against you, how it was gained and if errors were made in police procedure. In many cases overzealous law enforcement has been found to have pulled over a client without probable cause, violating their rights and opening the door to a successful court challenge.

Seasoned DUI Attorney in Chicago

These cases have extremely serious penalties in the state, and must be defended by an attorney who is prepared to fight against all odds. The legal team at the firm is known for its hard-hitting and aggressive approach to serious criminal charges, including multiple DUI cases. It is critical to act quickly if you are facing a second, third or more DUI charge - a conviction can result in jail time, extensive fines and community service as well as loss of your ability to drive to years, and in the most serious cases, vehicle seizure.

Contact a Chicago DUI attorney fromthe Law Offices of Michael P. Schmiegetoday.

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