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Chicago Drug Crime Attorney

Drug Crimes in the Chicago Area

Chicago police are particularly interested in drug crime cases, and have special task forces dedicated to catching and convicting drug offenders and getting them off the streets. They have been given the mission to "clean up" Chicago, as well as Cicero, Evanston and Berwyn with regard to drug offenders. When you are facing a drug crime charge, you are in serious legal trouble because Illinois has some of the most severe penalties in the nation for drug offenses. Never take a drug crime arrest lightly, as your future is truly in jeopardy. In serious drug crime cases, you could spend many years in state prison if convicted. It is strongly advised that you contact a Chicago criminal defense attorney at once if you have been arrested and charged with any drug crime offense, including the following:

Drug Crime Lawyer in Chicago

The results of a conviction on any drug charge will show on your criminal record. In felony convictions, even when the sentence is suspended, you will face the restrictions of a convicted felon. You will be not be allowed to be licensed in certain professions, in many cases you will not be allowed to own a firearm, and you may have trouble getting even the most low-paying job, no matter how qualified you are.

In other cases, in which the crime is a misdemeanor, a conviction will still show on your record. When potential employers get a report that shows a drug conviction, no matter how minor or far in the past, they may not hire you as you could be considered to be a "risk". These are some of the repercussions of a drug conviction, not to mention the fines, jail or prison time as well as drug education classes you will likely be ordered to attend by the court. It is critical that you contact the Law Offices of Michael P. Schmiege at once if you have been arrested and charged with a drug crime - and prior to making statements to law enforcement.

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