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Chicago Sex Crimes Defense Attorney: Consecutive Sentencing

Criminal Defense Lawyer on Consecutive Sentences for Illinois Sex Crimes

Illinois has some of the toughest penalties and strongest sentencing guidelines of any U.S. state for offenders convicted of sex crimes. For example, where you've been convicted for a single crime that involved multiple sex acts (for instance, oral penetration and penetration of the same person with fingers), what you probably see as a single act requires separate, consecutive sentences. One serious sex crime could land you in prison for a long, long time under the harsh Illinois sentencing guidelines. So you need an experienced attorney with knowledge of consecutive sentencing provisions and how to combat them.

Criminal Defense Lawyer on Consecutive Sentences for Illinois Sex Crimes

When you're charged with a sex crime in Chicago, that single crime could result in multiple charges. Your indictment on what you perceived as a single act could easily run into many counts against you in court, all of which could carry their own, consecutive sentences if you're convicted.

You might be aware that in many other types of criminal cases in Cook County, you're likely to receive a concurrent sentence if you're convicted on multiple counts. But we reiterate that Illinois prosecutes offenders severely for sex crimes and takes very serious measures in sentencing to ensure that such offenders won't be loose on the streets again any time soon.

A Chicago criminal defense lawyer on consecutive sentences for Illinois will know that among the factors that could add to the length of your prison time and result in seemingly endless Consecutive Sentences are:

  • The age of the victim, and
  • Whether you had a weapon on you when you committed the crime.

Your minimum consecutive sentence if you're convicted on a single rape that involved, for example, anal, oral, and digital penetration is more than 20 years. That sentence could be even greater if you used a weapon in committing the crime or your victim was underage. Conviction on multiple counts of criminal sexual assault, aggravated criminal sexual assault, and predatory criminal sexual assault of a child all result in consecutive sentences for the convicted offender.

Contact our experiemced attorney to help you fight repetitive counts that could keep you behind bars for decades

As a skilled lawyer on consecutive sentences for sex crimes, we know when prosecutors are padding your indictment with repetitive counts that involve the same sexual act. And we know how to successfully present the motions to the court that will strike these needlessly repetitive counts that could result in multiple consecutive sentences in prison for you. As mentioned previously, consecutive sentences could be based on such aggravating factors as victim age and possession of a weapon during the crime.

Contact our dedicated attorney for a free and confidential private legal consultation to obtain the knowledgeable counsel you need to determine your chances of beating your charges and reducing the length of your potential punishment.

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