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Aggravated Battery of a Child Cases

Seek Help From a Chicago Criminal Lawyer

Aggravated battery to a child is considered a particularly heinous crime in Illinois. An Illinois defense attorney, familiar with cases involving aggravated battery of a child, knows that your conviction on the charge brings even harsher penalties than a conviction for aggravated battery to a police officer. When the charge against you involves harm to a child, you might find yourself facing a particularly strident call for your punishment and an even more aggressive push to prosecute you to the full extent of the law. You'll need the able and effective counsel of a Chicago criminal defense lawyer experienced on aggravated battery of a child charges to even the odds and protect your own rights under the law.

What is Aggravated Battery of a Child under Illinois Law?

Attorney Michael P. Schmiege explains that under 720 ILCS 5/12-4.3 of the Illinois Criminal Code, aggravated battery of a child occurs when:

Any person 18 years old or older intentionally or knowingly, and without legal justification, and by any means, causes great bodily harm, permanent disability, or permanent disfigurement to:

  • Any child under the age of 13 years, or
  • To any severely or profoundly mentally retarded person.

What is the Penalty if You're Convicted for Aggravated Battery of a Child in Chicago?

The penalty for aggravated battery of a child under Illinois law is a Class X felony, the most serious felony that can be leveled against you. The basic punishment for a Class X felony is 6 to 30 years in state prison with a fine up to $25,000. But depending upon the facts of your particular offense, even more years in the state penitentiary could be added to your total punishment. These are serious charges and you need an experienced criminal defense lawyer to fight for you in your case.

For instance, if you had a firearm on you when you committed the aggravated battery of a child, an additional 15 years will be added to your prison term. 20 additional years in the penitentiary will be added to your term if you discharged that firearm during your commission of the offense. If you discharged a firearm while committing the offense and that discharge caused great bodily injury, permanent disability, permanent disfigurement, or death to someone, then another 25 years to life will be added to your already lengthy prison term.

Effective Defense when You're Faced with the Serious Charge of Aggravated Battery to a Child

If you're convicted on the charge of aggravated battery to a child, particularly if your crime involved use of a gun, you might never see the outside world again. You could spend the rest of your natural life in prison. You need the able and knowledgeable defense counsel of an adept Illinois defense attorney to ensure that you get a fair hearing in court and the minimum sentence the law will allow.

Chicago Criminal Defense Attorney Michael P. Schmiege will aggressively protect your rights and thoroughly review the facts and circumstances of your case for available defenses and legal options for you. He will apply his extensive negotiation and trial skills on your behalf to seek the most favorable outcome that the facts of your arrest will provide. Remember, the burden of proof rests completely on the prosecution to show that you're guilty of the crime beyond a reasonable doubt. It's important that you bring in a skilled attorney to defend you as soon as possible, while the evidence and witness memories that might help your case are still available and fresh. Don't let delay cost you your freedom.

Contact Chicago criminal attorney Michael Schmiege today for a free and confidential consultation/case evaluation to discuss your case. Call today.

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