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Aggravated Battery to a Peace Officer

Chicago Violent Crime Attorney

The State of Illinois has a strong interest in protecting its law enforcement officers from the unlawful use of force by the public they're charged with protecting. So Illinois has set some stiff penalties for the charge of aggravated battery to a police officer. Due to the serious nature of the charges of aggravated battery to a police officer, it is important that you hire an experienced Chicago aggravated battery defense lawyer to represent you.

Aggravated Battery to a Police Officer is a Very Serious Crime in Chicago

While simple battery is a misdemeanor offense, and ordinary aggravated battery is a Class 3 felony, aggravated battery to a police officer is a Class 2 felony in cases where the physical contact does not cause great bodily harm. A Class 2 felony conviction can put you in state prison for up to 7 long years. If the aggravated battery to a police officer does cause great bodily harm, then you face a Class 1 felony count punishable by up to 15 years in the state penitentiary.

Criminal lawyers understand that the State of Illinois wants to protect its peace officers from harmful contact and injury. There are several acts that can result in a charge of aggravated battery to a police officer being leveled against you. Aside from a physical confrontation or fight, if you point a firearm with a laser site at a police officer you could be charged with aggravated battery to a police officer. If you're in jail or in prison and you attempt to put your bodily fluids (such as saliva or blood) into contact with an employee of that facility, you could also be charged with aggravated battery to a peace officer. These charges are complex – hire an experienced criminal attorney today.

Any felony conviction can shut the door on future opportunities throughout your life. Loans, housing, jobs, professional licenses, and student financial aid might be forever out of your reach. A felony conviction for aggravated battery to a police officer on your record prejudices your chances even further and looks particularly bad on your record if you get charged with any other offenses later on.

Don't let the charge of aggravated battery to a peace officer ruin your life. Hire experienced legal counsel to fight the charge for you. A knowledgeable criminal defense attorney can explain the law and your possible defenses for you. You might have valid defenses to the charge that you did not realize were available.

Free and Confidential Legal Consultation

An aggressive and knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer like Michael P. Schmiege could conduct an in-depth review of the specific facts and circumstances of your arrest for aggravated battery to a police officer. He could examine the unique circumstances of your charges to help you understand your legal rights, options, and any available defenses you could use. Depending upon the facts of your case, his able and effective counsel and negotiation skill could result in dismissal of the charges against you, probation, or a diversionary program such as anger management class or community service.

If you go to trial, attorney Michael Schmiege's trial court experience could help you beat the serious charges against you. Aggravated battery to a peace officer is a crime of intent. And the burden of proof rests entirely on the prosecution to demonstrate your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. It's imperative to bring an attorney into your case as soon as possible, while witness memories are fresh and before crucial evidence has had a chance to disappear or degrade.

Contact a Chicago violent crime lawyer right away for your free consultation/case evaluation and let him put his experience and proven ability to work for you.

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