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Understanding Criminal Charges & Penalties in Chicago

Criminal defense is an area of law that requires extensive communication, an aggressive and relentless approach, and outstanding courtroom skill. When charged with a serious criminal offense, your and your family’s future is at risk. If you are convicted of a felony offense, you may spend years in prison, or in less serious misdemeanor charges, your criminal record will permanently show your conviction. This cannot only affect your future prospects in employment and education, but a record may even affect housing and financial opportunities, as well. If you are facing any type of criminal charges, you need a dedicated, professional Chicago criminal defense attorney from Chivari P.C. Attorneys at Law who is ready to defend your rights.

It is certain that the prosecutor has evidence against you and has every intention of convicting you. In fact, your case is one of hundreds they deal with, and whether you are guilty of the crime or not, every effort will be made to get you convicted and sentenced to jail. Many prosecutors are on the fast track regarding their career and carefully watch their “conviction percentage” as part of their future launch into private practice. You are definitely “just another number” in the eyes of the prosecuting attorney. When dealing with this situation, you need to fight back and protect your constitutional rights with a skilled Chicago criminal defense lawyer who is equally powerful and determined.


Sexual Abuse

Sexual Abuse



Police Brutality

Police Brutality

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Police Misconduct

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