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Craigslist Sting in Cook County

Facing charges from a Cook County Craigslist sting focused on prostitution and solicitation? You aren’t alone. Call us today for a FREE consultation.

Craigslist Sting Defense Attorney

Are you facing charges from a Cook County Craigslist sting focused on prostitution and solicitation? You aren’t alone. Scores of men and women face charges from these stings. Police and county law enforcement officials nationwide develop stings to combat the crimes of prostitution and solicitation. You need a Chicago Criminal Defense Lawyer fighting for you if you have been caught in a prostitution / solicitation Craigslist sting.

The Crimes Targeted by the Cook County Craigslist Sting

Prostitution: Prostitution is basically offering an act of sexual gratification to someone not your spouse in exchange for something of value.

Solicitation: Solicitation essentially consists of seeking or arranging for sexual gratification in return for something of value.

Patronizing a Prostitute: Engaging in an act of sexual penetration with a prostitute, remaining in a place of prostitution with intent to engage in sexual penetration, or fondling of sexual organs with a prostitute in order to achieve sexual gratification.

Conviction on a Charge from a Craigslist Sting has very serious Consequences

First offenses under a prostitution or a solicitation charge can be Class A misdemeanors or, under certain circumstances, felony crimes. When these crimes take place within 1,000 feet of a school they become very serious Class 3 felonies that could wreck your life. If the crimes involve a minor, you also face Class 3 felony charges and registration as a sexual offender. A Class 3 felony conviction can land you in prison for up to 5 years. Sex offender registration exposes you to public humiliation, ostracism, bias, and reduced job and housing prospects. Patronizing a prostitute can be a Class 4 felony.

If you’re arrested by the Chicago police rather than the Cook County Sheriff, you’re likely to have your name and picture posted on their website along with the crime with which you’re charged. This can have immediate negative effects on your job and your personal relationships. If you were in a car when you were arrested for prostitution, solicitation, or patronizing a prostitute, your car can be impounded.

To Avoid Public Exposure and a Serious Blot on Your Record, You Need a Cook County Criminal Defense Lawyer Experienced with Craigslist Sting Defense

You likely don’t want your arrest to become public knowledge. To protect your privacy, reputation, and clean record, it’s important to enlist an experienced and knowledgeable Cook County Craigslist Sting defense attorney to undertake an immediate and vigorous defense on your behalf. Because the charges and penalties become more severe for repeat offenders and could lead to status as a registered sexual offender, you don’t want to take a guilty plea.

You have every right to take the matter to trial. Remember, the prosecutor has to prove your guilt “beyond a reasonable doubt.” And issues in victimless or consensual crimes involving sexual contact between consenting adults can become murky.

Depending upon the circumstances of your arrest, your Cook County criminal defense lawyer might want to assert the affirmative defense of entrapment on your behalf. Entrapment in the context of a Craigslist sting occurs where a public officer or employee incites your criminal conduct for the purposes of obtaining evidence for your prosecution. (This might occur, for instance, where a law enforcement officer poses as a sex worker online and lures you to a meeting place for the purpose of exchanging sexual favors in return for money.) But the defense of entrapment fails where the defendant was “predisposed” to commit the crime and the officer merely afforded him the opportunity to do so.

Contact Matthew Chivari, Cook County Criminal Defense Lawyer, to Protect Your Rights

Mr. Chivari has proven experience fighting for the rights of victims snared by the Craigslist Sting. He will fight for your rights too. An effective and timely defense can help you beat the charges from the sting and minimize the damage to your life from what might have been a one-time mistake. But to beat the sex crime charges or minimize the damage, your case needs to be handled effectively from the very beginning by a skilled attorney like Matthew Chivari. Don’t let yourself be stung by a Cook County Craigslist prosecution. Get reliable legal help.

Contact Chicago Criminal Lawyer Matthew Chivari Call today for your free and confidential legal consultation.

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