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Weapons Offenses

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Weapons Offenses

Are you facing gun charges in Chicago? Contact our gun lawyers to discuss how we can help you get your charges dropped or reduced. Call now for help.

Charged with a Gun Offense in Chicago?

Chicago Gun Lawyer Matthew Chivari handles all weapon offenses, misdemeanors and felonies in state and federal court. If you or a loved one have been arrest and charged with a gun or weapon offense it is important that you contact a Chicago gun attorney immediately. Your future and freedom is at stake. The gun laws are the State of Illinois and City of Chicago can be very confusing and constantly are changing so if you have been charged with a gun offense you probably have numerous questions about how the criminal justice system deals with weapon offenders and what possible outcome of the charges exist. Matthew Chivari is a Chicago weapon offense lawyers who handles gun charges in Chicago and Illinois on a regular basis. Everyone knows that the police and prosecutors are out to get gun offenders so it is important to hire an experienced Illinois Gun Lawyer.

In the State of Illinois the illegal possession of a firearm is charged as Unlawful Use of a Weapon and is routinely referred to by the police, lawyers and judges as UUW. The Chicago criminal attorneys at Chivari P.C. Attorneys at Law are Chicago UUW Lawyers. In Illinois Unlawful use of a Weapon applies to not only firearms but all illegal weapons including knifes, switchblades and brass knuckles to name a few.

Complex Illinois Weapon Laws

As you can see the weapon laws of the State of Illinois are very complicated and need to be handled by an experienced Chicago criminal defense attorney. In the State of Illinois if you are charged with Unlawful Use of a Weapon and that weapon is a firearm then you are facing a Class 4 Felony in certain circumstances that is non-probationable and punishable by 1-3 years in prison. Based on the serious nature of the offense and the possible consequences that it can have on your freedom and future it is important that you contact an experienced attorney from Chivari P.C. Attorneys at Law.

Chicago Gun Lawyers Here to Help You

We will use our experience to win your case or get your case dismissed or a not guilty verdict at trial. In the alternative, we will use our negotiating skills to convince the court and the prosecutor to come with an effective and constructive sentencing option that gives you the best chance of avoiding jail and fine. We have your best interest in mind when handling your case. Please be weary of lawyers looking to just plead you guilty. At the firm we are experienced trial lawyers and Chicago criminal defense attorneys who will fight with you to the end to protect your rights and freedom.

Contact a Chicago Criminal Attorney Matthew Chivari at once if you have been charged with a weapons offense.

Weapon Offenses
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