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Federal Bank Fraud in Illinois

Do you need a federal bank fraud attorney in Chicago? Contact our experienced defense attorney's 24/7 for a FREE consultation. We protect your rights!

Federal Criminal Defense Attorney Fighting Bank Fraud Charges

Federal bank fraud charges are very serious and are not charges that you want to take lightly. If you find yourself having been charged or even under investigation for federal bank fraud it is important that you contact an experienced lawyer immediately. Federal criminal defense attorney Matthew Chivari will work to make sure that you are treated fairly while going through the ordeal of fighting federal bank fraud charges.

Prosecutors are merciless when it comes to federal bank fraud charges and will do everything to get the greatest possible sentence. Prosecutors have unlimited resources to prosecute these cases so it is important that you retain an attorney that has the experience necessary to properly defend federal bank fraud charges. We have the necessary experience to work with you to develop a proper and viable defense to charges.

Federal Bank Fraud Law

According to federal statutes: whoever knowingly executes, or attempts to execute, a scheme or artifice to defraud a financial institution; or to obtain any of the moneys, funds, credits, assets, securities, or other property owned by, or under the custody or control of, a financial institution, by means of false or fraudulent pretenses, representations, or promises; shall be fined not more than $1,000,000 or imprisoned not more than 30 years, or both. As you can see the federal law concerning federal bank fraud charges is complex and should be handled by an experienced lawyer.

Federal Bank Fraud Defense – Fighting for Your Rights

Our lawyer is a criminal lawyer who handles white-collar crimes including Federal Bank Fraud cases. We will do everything he can do within the law to make sure you are treated properly and receive a proper defense. He will make sure your rights are kept intact. We know we will have to investigate all charges thoroughly in order to give you the representation you deserve. You are the one that has everything to lose in these cases; your money, your reputation and your freedom. We understand this, and work hard to make a case based on the facts in your case and will be there to support you during your ordeal.

Chicago Federal Criminal Lawyer Experienced in Federal Bank Fraud Cases

Federal bank fraud charges can be filed in addition to other charges brought against you. If you used the U.S. postal service, phone or internet while committing the bank fraud you could face charges for wire fraud or mail fraud. You may also be involved in forgery or counterfeiting loan documents. Each case will need to be handled according to what allegedly happened.

No matter what the circumstances of your case are, you need an experienced attorney. You can be sure our attorney will be able to get to the bottom of your case and help you. We deal with cases throughout Illinois and the United States and has the experience you need to keep your freedom.

Contact a Chicago Federal Bank Fraud Lawyer if you are facing federal bank fraud charges.

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