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Wire & Mail Fraud

Do you need a wire & mail fraud attorney in Chicago? Contact our experienced defense attorney's 24/7 for a FREE consultation. We protect your rights!

Wire and Mail Fraud Charges

If you are charged with or being investigated for wire and mail fraud, you will need to obtain legal guidance in order to defend against these very serious charges. The United States Attorneys can use wire and mail fraud laws in order to charge people with other crimes. In order to be charged with this type of crime, you will have to be accused of committing a crime which involved some type of communication like the internet, a fax machine, the mail, or the phone.

You need a knowledgeable Chicago wire and mail fraud attorney to assist you navigate this complicate area of law. Penalties can vary greatly depending on numerous factors, such the amount of monetary loss or intended loss to any victim, the number of victims, and the use or creation of fake identification and identities. With wire and mail fraud law, almost any suspected crime can be investigated by federal agents and prosecuted in federal court. Wire and mail fraud prosecution generally encompass any and all fraud type cases including bribery. Generally, when public officials are prosecuting for misconduct it involves the implementation of wire and mail fraud statutes. If you are being investigated or prosecuted for wire and mail fraud it is imperative that you speak with an experienced Chicago criminal defense attorney immediately.

Chicago Wire Fraud Defense Lawyer

Our Chicago criminal defense lawyers have successfully defended numerous individuals against wire fraud and mail fraud federal charges. Do not become a victim of the strict and harsh federal sentencing guidelines. Contact an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately if you have been charged with a white collar crime such as wire fraud. We offer a free initial consultation to individuals in need of expert legal representation throughout the Chicago, Illinois area. Contact us today to discuss and review the facts of your wire and mail fraud case. Contact a Chicago criminal defense lawyer today for help with wire fraud or mail fraud charges.

Wire and Mail Fraud
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