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Read our most frequently asked criminal defense questions asked in the Chicago area. Contact our experienced criminal defense attorneys 24/7 for a FREE consultation. We protect your rights!
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAq)

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We pride ourselves in representing each client's case as if it were our own. We understand how important it is to fight for your rights and the best possible outcome for your criminal matter.

Here's some frequently asked questions you may find helpful. Remember, you can call me with any criminal related questions you may have.

How can Chivari P.C. Attorneys at Law help me?

Our legal team takes pride in our impressive record in the defense of clients charged with even the most serious of criminal offenses. We will fully analyze the case, the evidence, all reports and statements and determine what strategy will be employed to fight for your freedom. We know how important the outcome of the case is and are prepared to aggressively defend our clients, no matter how hopeless the case may first appear. An aggressive and dedicated defense lawyer from our team can increase the possibility of a better outcome on any criminal charges. Act quickly, as a strong defense begins from the moment you are arrested.

Contact a Chicago criminal defense attorney from Chivari P.C. Attorneys at Law for aggressive legal representation in all types of criminal charges. Fill out our free case evaluation form today!

What if I have been wrongfully accused?

Even in cases in which the individual is completely innocent, if you have been charged, the prosecutor likely considers there to be enough evidence to get a conviction. The attorney you select to represent you has an important impact on the outcome of the case. Contact our firm to initiate the defense actions that must take place when the client is innocent of the charge.

What should I do if I have been charged with a crime?

Any accusation of criminal activity is a dangerous matter and requires the assistance of a skilled Chicago criminal defense attorney. Even a first DUI offense if you are convicted can affect your future employment and result in a suspended license and costly fines. When the crime is more serious, such as a felony offense, you are in serious legal trouble and must act quickly. It is true that you must stay silent after being arrested for any serious criminal offense. Many individuals have damaged their own cases by making comments or statements that are later used as evidence against them in court. Your first step after the arrest should be to contact our firm and get legal counsel to protect you.

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